Wednesday, April 23, 2008

From snow to sunny Mexico

It snowed in Seattle the day I flew to San Diego. April showers of snow for a few days while I endured the salty Californian air, played in the waves with VCP rep and fellow British transplant Sean Morley, and joined Jennifer Kleck for her sea kayak symposium in Mission Bay.

Then… the first Point65 Whisky16 sea kayak to see North America arrived by truck from Los Angeles, having been specially flown in from China. It’s my latest design. I was excited to see it but sad to find it had been squished beneath something heavy. Jake tenderly nursed it to health with his healing hands and a fiber-glass repair kit, so it was on the water by Saturday afternoon… Jake was the first person to paddle one in North America!

It’s always a pleasure to help symposium paddlers improve their skills, but it was equally fun to socialize on Saturday evening around a fire-pit on the beach swapping songs until rain stopped play… This year Jen did not flame her blonde bangs… and the keg remained secure on the beach until empty… (Listen to the lyrics of the symposium songs or ask her for those particular stories!)

Sunday evening Thom and Lynn invited all the coaches for a wonderful dinner at their home, followed by double-shots of espresso... and fine 16 year old Lagavulin single malt in celebration of the Whisky16!

And next day we all crossed the border to play around the rocks of the Mexican Pacific coast; it was a real delight for me to use my new W16 in fun conditions and to hang out with my buddies! Thank you Jen for putting it all together and saving me from the Seattle snow! For more symposium images check out Michael Franklin's site!