Thursday, November 1, 2012

Finely Tuned Paddle?

       A Finely Tuned New Paddle...

A stunning birthday present from my dear friends Rick and Cat: this brand new hand-made kayak paddle. It’s also a completely new concept. With exceptional blade area for maximum purchase, this finely tuned paddle features a flat-curve (curvaceous around the edge, if a little frayed, and flat across the face). The back of the blade has built-in bracing so you may never need to brace for yourself again. 
This is a "high brace".

The shaft is turned from fine quality straight-grained “broom’andle” wood, which makes sweep strokes and sweep rolls simplicity itself.
A fine "broom'andle wood shaft

Trying to be impartial, I believe the thinking behind this paddle is sound. It certainly offers a "hole" lot of fun!
A hole lot of new possibilities

But while I cannot deny the generosity of my friends, I get the feeling there could be some strings attached. But I won’t fret about it. I’ll cross that bridge if I come to it. Let’s face it, with gifts you don’t always get to take your pick.


gnarlydog said...

bloody brilliant!
This finely tuned paddle should settle all debates about paddle superiority GP vs Euro :-)

nigel said...

That's music to my ears!